Natural grassed surfaces are created using Netlon-Turf. Every lawn needs appropriate care for it to provide the user with pleasure over the long term. This means that the lawn should be mown regularly, fertilised and watered as needed.


  • Mow the Netlon lawn as often as you would other lawns.
  • Remove clippings to avoid a build-up of thatch in the lawn.


  • Regular fertilising will supply lawn areas with sufficient nutrients for healthy growth.
  • You can recognise nutrient deficiency by paler coloured grass.
  • Adjust the amount of fertiliser to frequency of use
  • Use slow-release fertiliser derived from organic materials so that the lawn can be used without concern at any time.


  • Adjust watering depending on local rainfall.
  • During prolonged periods of hot weather or in areas with little rainfall, Netlon-Turf needs comparatively slightly more watering than usual lawn areas.


  • You should avoid a build-up of thatch over 1 cm.
  • Thatch can be reduced mechanically by scarifying in accordance with good professional practice
  • This will prevent emergency services vehicles being hindered by skidding.