What is Netlon-Turf used for?

Netlon-Turf allows you to plant dedicated access routes for fire services with natural turf, enhancing the quality and appearance of open spaces. Netlon-Turf, as planted surface reinforcement, makes a significant contribution to quality of life in the immediate neighbourhood environment and even helps to mitigate urban heat islands.

WHAT is Netlon-Turf?

Netlon-Turf, as planted surface reinforcement, is a single system made from three compatible, standardised components.

  • Netlon-Turf base layer
  • Levelling layer
  • Soilfree turf

The Netlon turf base layer consists of high-grade quartzi sand, top-quality concentrated humus, volcanic clay minerals and the Netlon mesh elements in a specific standardised ratio.

The pliable Netlon mesh elements result in stability and the ability to withstand loads. They are composed of pure polypropylene and do not contain admixtures or plasticisers.

The levelling layer is composed of the same material as the turf base layer but without Netlon mesh elements. It serves to even out slight irregularities and also to make it easier to level.

The soilfree turf is cut into sods as usual, however the soil is rinsed out in a special process. The result is a so-called bare-root product.

HOW does Netlon-Turf work?

The approximately 10x5 cm grid-like mesh elements in the Netlon turf base layer are geotextiles, which exert a load-distributing effect. The pressure caused by the load is distributed over a wider surface. The resilient mesh elements are deformed as a result but are then immediately restored to their original position. This pliability improves the stability of the turf base layer.

New cavities are formed in the turf base layer through applying and relieving pressure, which has a positive effect on plant growth. The new pores thus created encourage exchange of gases, oxygen supply to the roots and create new root zones.

The soilfree turf prevents barrier layers from forming in the soil through the use of different substrates. The roots quickly penetrate the turf base layer and form a stable, load-bearing fabric in the soil, together with the Netlon mesh elements.

WHY use Netlon-Turf?

Netlon-Turf will lead to a considerable enhancement of the appearance and usability of fire service access routes. Accordingly it represents an environmentally friendly alternative to sealed surfaces. An attractive, usable green space is invaluable in urban areas.

Fire service access roads need to be kept free, although they are fortunately used only rarely. Ideally there is never need in a building for them to be used.

Netlon-Turf makes it possible to life in town

without having to go without green space in front of the building.