What are the benefits of using Netlon-Turf?

Allows permeability to be restored in previously sealed surfaces

During the past few decades, large sections of available space have been sealed over in the course of urban development in most cities. Today the increased importance of local drainage has been recognised and the demand for materials with drainage properties is growing.

Netlon-Turf, as a planted layer, combines usability, load-bearing capacity and drainage properties. Netlon-Turf creates green spaces in place of sealed surfaces – as an environmentally friendly alternative:

Sealed surfaces cause: Netlon-Turf enables::
reduction in groundwater recharge promotion of groundwater recharge thanks to substantial drainage properties
increased risk of flooding reduction in damage from urban flooding as a result of heavy rainfall events, thanks to substantial drainage properties
substantially increased load on sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants reduction in the load on the sewerage system thanks to local drainage
construction of correspondingly large-dimensioned sewers and retention basins for central drainage of sealed surfaces cuts in costs for sewer construction thanks to smaller dimensioning
high charges for sewage: costs for building sewers and retention basins are shifted to the charges for sewage lower charges for sewage due to higher proportion of local drainage as a result of surface with good drainage properties

Netlon-Turf creates green spaces instead of sealed surfaces

Contributes towards localised drainage

Increasing importance is attached to localised drainage. As a result of localised drainage, savings can be achieved in costs for building new residential developments and thus also in running costs.

Localised drainage means that the majority of rainwater drains away on the spot and is not just discharged into the sewer for central drainage.

Unlike sealed surfaces, Netlon-Turf – as an environmentally friendly alternative – absorbs rainwater as it hits the ground and releases it after a delay. Soil that is planted offers high cleansing potential thanks to seepage over a wide area, which in turn has a positive impact on groundwater. What is more, seepage plays an important part in recharging groundwater. An intact hydrological cycle is essential for ensuring a sustainable water supply for us.

Netlon-Turf create surfaces that provide seepage

and nonetheless have load-bearing capacity

Reduces the impact of heat and heavy downfalls of rain

In cities, there is an occurrence of so-called urban heat islands, particularly as a result of the high level of sealed surfaces. In contrast, grassy surfaces create a cooling effect in inner cities as a result of evaporation.

With its sandy structure, Netlon-Turf is also able to absorb large quantities of water and thus counteracts damage from urban flooding following intense downpour events.

Netlon-Turf counteracts heat through evaporation and 

the consequences of intense downpour events, such as flooding, can be reduced.

Allows green spaces despite re-densification

Creating more housing in cities often means a loss of open spaces.

Dedicated access routes for fire services are absolutely essential in residential areas and usually occupy most of the space not already built on. The choice of material is extremely limited due the high demands for load bearing. Common surface materials, such as grass paving grids, are unattractive and not practical. This leads to a loss of potential high-quality open spaces that are actually available. These unused extra spaces can be transformed with Netlon-Turf to create attractive usable space.

Netlon-Turf not only serves as an access route for fire services but also as a local recreational space for residents. Versatile opportunities for use are created.

Netlon-Turf creates green spaces even in densely built-up

urban areas and uses existing land potential.

Improves quality of life in built-up areas

Lawns produce oxygen and bind dust and pollutants from the air. Up to 20% less dust occurs above lawn surfaces. Air quality improves accordingly.

In comparison: one hectare of lawn produces the same volume of oxygen as one hectare of forest.

Moreover, lawns play a significant role in cooling as a result of their evaporation properties. This has a particularly positive impact during the ever-more frequent periods of hot weather and the increasing number of tropical nights.

Netlon-Turf creates usable green spaces right outside the front door

and thus contributes towards improving the quality of life in the residential neighbourhood