1. Enquiries

If you receive a request for a proposal or enquiry for installing Netlon-Turf, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with a non-binding quotation for supplying the material. To do so, we will need the delivery address, the size of the surface area with the name of the proposed project and the name of the town to map it accurately. There are no fixed prices per square metre, as the price primarily depends on transport costs due the large quantity of material.

2. Ordering

The order for Netlon turf is delivered on at least two separate delivery dates (1st stage: supply of substrate and 2nd stage: delivery of the soilfree turf).

You will first be sent the Netlon mix (once installed, this will form the Netlon turf base layer) and the levelling layer. If the site area is larger, delivery can be spread over several days.

You must ensure that the Netlon mix and the levelling layer have already been installed by the time the turf is delivered.

The soilfree turf is vulnerable to heat and dryness and should therefore be laid immediately after delivery. So you should allow enough time between the deliveries of the substrate and the turf.

You should order the Netlon mix with the levelling layer about 14 days before the desired delivery date. The delivery time for soilfree turf is a minimum of four weekdays.

3. Delivery

The material (Netlon mix and levelling layer) is generally delivered loose. The lorry tips the material out in the intended place. Delivery can also be made using bulk bags if access to the site is difficult or if there is limited storage at the site. Similarly, small residual quantities are also delivered in bulk bags.

4. Site conditions

As soilfree turf is a vulnerable bare-root product, there should be 14 frost-free days after laying. The lawn can start to take root without losing contact with the soil in this way.

Daily workload for installing the Netlon mix: up to 600 square metres per day are possible for extensive fire service access roads You will need a digger with an experienced driver and one further worker.

The levelling layer is easy to grade due to the high sand content.          

Laying soilfree turf is slightly faster than with normal sods.


Timetable To do Completed
Upon receipt of the request for proposal documents Enquiry stating the area in square metres and the name of the building project incl. place of delivery (link details)  
14 days prior to requested delivery date Place order for Netlon mix and levelling layer giving exact details of the area in square metres and the delivery address, plus a contact person at the site (name and phone number)  
At least 4 weekdays prior to requested delivery date Order soilfree turf (pay attention to cutting waste!)  
Prior to delivery of the Netlon mix and the levelling layer Completed substructure (frost buffer + grading layer) of correct height  
  Make sure access is clear in the case of loose delivery  
  If delivery is to be in bulk bags, put enough Europa pallets at the ready for exchanging;
Preferably arrange for a machine for unloading on site
Completion date Allow for 14 frost-free days after laying the soilfree turf;
approx. end of October for complete Netlon Lawn Turf
Estimated times for installation Up to 600 m² a day for installing Netlon mix; one digger with experiences driver and a helper  

Additional information

  • To ensure correct results with Netlon Lawn Turf, faultless installation in accordance with the specifications from Zehetbauer Fertigrasen GmbH & Co KG is absolutely essential. In addition to providing the above-mentioned information about installation we can also provide you with advice. As long as you complete the system in accordance with our specifications, you will receive a certificate, which will authorise you to continue to obtain Netlon turf.
  • We convert from square metres to tons using special volume calculation. The tonnage is billed that is actually delivered according to the weighing slip.